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released 2016

This will be Paul and My Third Album together and Chris' 18th!

Paul is doing the production and Holy COw is he good!

Album to include:

Eli Whitney was an A-Hole/ Maggie's Fram
The Race Problem/ (What's so Funny 'bout) Peace Love and Understanding
You Are What You Buy/ Money
Jello Wrestle Your Deamons/ There's No Falling
Pocket Call From My Dreams/ Ragpickers
Diversity/ Don't Hate Me
Matter/ Float Away
Random Thoughts/ Mercy Mercy Mercy

if not more!

Many stellar Guest apearancesincluding: Jordan Feinstein, Grace Park, John Elliott and many more!

I am doing this project on a shoe string... if you would like to contribute just click on the coffee can at  - a one hundred dollar donation will get you in the thank you section of the liner notes!

(if you would prefer no one know you can contribute anonymously too!)

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