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The Chris Chandler Show

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    The Chris Chandler and Paul Benoit Show

    The Chris Chandler and Paul Benoit Show

    Poet and storyteller Chris Chandler has joined forces with world-class roots and Americana guitar guru Paul Benoit.
    As ancient as the at form is - songwriting and storytelling - one would think the genre would be ubiquitous.  But somehow, Benoit and Chandler stand alone.

    Together their styles merge like lanes on an outbound interstate. Delivering vignettes about politics and modern culture with the fire of a Baptist Preacher, the music is rooted in the Americana, and colored with blues.
    Together they have released 4 Albums, The Latest: "Don't Go Back to Sleep"
    Chris Chandler has performed on thousands of stages across the US and Canada as well as for hundreds of organizations seeking social justice.

    He has been called, "America's best kept secret."

    Few musicians can claim "on-the roadisms" the way Chris Chandler can. He is a true veteran of the road, traveling across The United States of Generica for many years. His anthology of road tales transforms into a flock of doves beneath the musical high-wire act.

    He has worked with everyone from Allen Ginsberg to Ani DiFranco and Pete Seeger to Mojo Nixon. Utah Phillips says, "Chris Chandler is the best performance poet I have ever seen."

    Paul Benoit has performed and recorded his own music and collaborated with numerous songwriters.  From 1996-98 Paul's electric/acoustic roots rock band, Crosseyed, released two albums and toured successfully throughout the western U.S.  

    In 1997, Paul co-founded Hanuman, a four piece all-acoustic instrumental ensemble blending jazz, bluegrass, funk, country and rock and roll with African beats.  Hanuman released five albums, sold over 8,000 recordings and toured the U.S., playing at clubs, festivals, and theaters, up to 200 dates a year.  In 2001, the band received Best Touring Band and Best Album awards from Sounds of Seattle and was voted best new band by the Seattle Weekly.