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The Chris Chandler Show

  • Thursday, December 23, 2021

    6:00 PM

    Austin, TX

    Festivus 2021

    Austin, TX


    Paul Klemperer hosts an annual Festivus Celebration to get folks in the holiday spirit and raise money for Austin Children's Shelter/SAFE Alliance.  2021 is the 10th Anniversary!  

    This year there are several Festivus Warmup Events, culminating in a gala evening December 23 at The Far Out Lounge in Austin.  Donations guarantee admittance to the show (you'll be on the VIP list, or you can gift your advance ticket to a friend and/or loved one).

    For those in the know, Festivus is a tongue-in-cheek holiday that first appeared on The Seinfeld Show, and has grown in popularity around the world.  Paul & Friends create a culturally inclusive music revue show that simultaneously pokes fun at our blind spots and encourages community and acceptance.

    Your Support Means A Lot

    Crowd-funding is the main way we raise money to pay our expenses and can make a meaningful contribution to Austin SAFE Alliance, a non-profit that directly intervenes in the lives of homeless children, battered women, and other folks who are most at risk.

    • By giving a little bit you participate in a growing community of folks who care and want to make a positive impact.
    • Money helps get things done, but it is just part of a larger vision, helping to create a world in which we can live together by accepting and respecting each other.
    • Building Community Through Music.  Paul Klemperer's projects are based on the belief that music helps to strengthen our community, that it speaks directly to people no matter where they are coming from, and can help unify us in these times of division and conflict.

    Other Ways You Can Help

    Paul Klemperer's Annual Festivus Celebration focuses on the winter holiday season.  But there are other community-building music projects throughout the year.  Our crowd-funding campaigns help support this ongoing work.

    • Please tell friends to go to for more information and to get involved.
    • You can share your thoughts & ideas directly with Paul Klemperer by emailing him:

    Let's make some magic happen!

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