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  • American Storyteller Volumes 3 & 4

    cover of American Storyteller Volumes 3 & 4

    released 2007   CD Baby

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    CD Baby
    Executive Producers: Barry Bachrach, Geoff Bartley, Harry Blaisure, Frank Chandler, Gordon Flett, Carol Newman, Tom and Elizabeth Pittman, Tanglewood Ventures

    Recorded During The Warm and Hurricane Free November and December 2006 Red Sky Studio Takoma Park, MD except The Weasels recorded December 2002 Rockingham Studios By Bob Ham , France Malate — Guitar, Robin Hall — Bass, Bob Ham — Drums and percussion, Gray Martin — Keyboard, Cameo Vocal - Julie Lawson, Monica Strawser-Malate

    Henry Cross- Engineer Recording Mixing Mastering

    Chris Chandler- Producer

    David Roe- Producer and Music Director

    NW Media- CD Production (Made in the USA)

    All additional music conceived by David Roe with each musician contributing his own part. Nothing is written. Authorship belongs to the collective soul and ability of those involved.

    All Arrangements (P) © David Roe and Chris Chandler

    All covers by permission of author/ publisher or Harry Fox

    Album Cover by Chandler Layout by DR and Chandler

    Photos: Inside: Kati Sowiak, Back: Dennis Wiancko

    Thanks to Nick Newlin and Joanne Flynn, Carlos Arredondo, Richard McMullin, Dave Ziegler, Anne Feeney, Shirley Myers, Karen Kilroy, Dan Bern, Jim and Catherine Infantino, Timothy Mason, The Great Wendini, Harry "Red Wine" Levine, The Front Porch Gang — you know who you are, Angelia Tyler-Rockstroh, Phil Rockstroh, and CD Baby.

    Chris Chandler would like to dedicate this album to the memory of Blair "Walking Hawk" Powell.

    David Roe would like to dedicate this album to the memory of Alex Arredondo and all those that have given life and limb in an unending war, and to the citizens of the 9th Ward, New Orleans and the Gulf Coast who are as much the victims of the misbegotten wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as the citizens of those countries.


    -Chris Chandler- The Word

    -David Roe- Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Drums

    -Henry Cross- Bass, Drums

    -Nick Newlin- Organ, Accordion

    -Kevin Jefferson- Trumpet, Baritone Horn

    -Russel Carter- Tenor Saxophone

    -Devon Nicholl- Violin

    -Elizabeth Crisfield- Violin

    -Pat Wictor- Slide Guitars

    Heavenly Choir

    -David Roe -Kathryn Falcone -Nick Annis -Joe Jencks —Pat Wictor


    All poems and stories written by Chris Chandler except where noted.

    updated: 6 months ago