The Chris Chandler Show

  • Sunday, September 26, 2021

    9PM Eastern

    The Poem of the Week


    As you know, I have not done a live show in person in over a year and a half, but I have kept my self sane by doing regular live streams,  I enjoy it.  At present, I do it every Sunday.

    Please join me for my little show “The Poem of the Week." on a facebook live stream from my personal page:

    Now, I am not being self effacing when I say little.  It is little because well, it’s little, as in miniature.  Over the pandemic, I erected a tiny stage in which to perform on line.  There is simply no way i can do my regular show without a band, so I, as I often try to do with my poetry and story telling, created an alternative universe.  Also Once a month, I present a full set of poems rants and stories.  "The Mighty Monthly Muse."

    Please join us via zoom for this truly unique and original interactive event.  
    YOU THOUGHT: I am sick of zoom meetings?  

    After this you will simply think: HOLY COW!  did he just do that live?

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