The Old Tapes

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released 1988

10 self released cassettes between 1988-1997 (dubbed on a boom box recorder)

1.Neo Folk Guitar; 1988
2.Stranded Musician Needs Gas Out of Town; 1989
3.In The Road: 1989
4.A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Abyss; 1990
5.What, For This Price You Want Packaging Too?; 1991
6.Chandler Speaks (and won't shut up); 1992
7.The United States of Generica; 1994
8.Stark Raving Chandler; 1995
9.If I Had any Hits, These Would be the Greatest; 1995
10.Chris Chandler and Avoiding Godot 1996

Poetry, Other Writings:

Going Down the Road Feeling Bad, a self published series of road tales, 1995.
Epic Haiku, a self published collection of Haiku 1996.

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