New Orleans

September 24th in DC

Monday, September 05, 2005

This is an appeal to the displaced, the dispossessed, the discontented and the disenfranchised.

The September 24th March on Washington to End the War in Iraq takes on new importance this week in light of the Federal Government's blatant mishandling of the crisis following Hurricane Katrina and the possibly premeditated destruction of The City of New Orleans, the first major overt strike in the cultural/ class/ race war here in America.

At the very least, the reduction of the levee protection budget, the deployment of so many National Guardsmen,  Army Corps of Engineers, medical, police and construction personnel in Iraq, and a failure to implement any of the post 9-11 improvements to the emergency preparations for the Gulf Coast, are more reasons for you to come to Washington DC on September 24th and join and hundreds of other peace loving organizations and hundreds of thousands of fellow citizens under the Washington Monument, in full view of George Bush's current domicile, and demand our country back. The Bush Dynasty must be dismantled. Impeachment and criminal charges are not enough.

My phone is obviously, not functioning, but Chandler's # is 240 476 4976. We will be in DC from 9-11 through the end of the month, performing all over. Our previously scheduled CD release concerts for American Storyteller will now also be fundraisers for the relief effort.

I watched the Southern Decadence Parade on TV today. Two dozen masquers, a guitar, a couple drums and a decorated Radio Flyer. I saw beads being tossed from a balcony on Chartres Street, and, oh, I  so wanted to reach out and grab a pair.

My greatest hope now is that we can all meet down by the river next February, on Mardi Gras Day and watch our sins roll away down the river, mingled with the ashes of our dead, tears for what we have lost, and prayers for a better tomorrow.

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