SubIraqian Homesick Blues

Thursday, August 24, 2006

SubIraqian Homesick Blues

Mixing up the President

People on the pavement

Wondering where their country went

War of aggression

No plan, wrong place

Based upon a flawed case

Hail Mary full of grace

Look out son

We can't cut and run

God knows when

Until our troops are home again

Better duck from the IED

With armor that they didn't send

The man in the four star hat

Who'd been to war

Asked for 300,000 troops

Rummy said what for?        

W comes flat boot

Posing in a flight suit

Reading "My Pet Goat"

Freedom's on the march but

The phones tapped anyway

W and the N.S.A.

Gonzales says it's okay

Welcome to the U.S.A.

Look out Y'all

They're breaking the law

Soldiers going to jail for

Command chain failures

Private contractors

Men without masters

Order GI's

to torture bad guys

You don't need a law degree

To know where the blame lies

Get back, Oh well

No insurance, go to hell

Big bills, No pills

Hang around the stem cell

Work force, Outsourced

Get sacked, Pay day

No way, Ken Lay

Welcome to your rainy day

Look out kid, you're gonna get hit

By gas price, Melting Ice

Science is a dirty vice

Mandate, Plamegate,

diebold, lies told

Recruiters by the high school

Tell kids war's cool

Don't follow leaders

When leaders are all cheaters

© Paul Hipp 2006

updated: 13 years ago