Check out what other people are saying... Quotes about Chandler

March 28, 2005

Check out what other people are saying Quotes about Chandler
"Too Original To Garner Even Moderate Mass Appeal"  
— Dirty Linen

"Too Brilliant To Remain Buried In The Underground"
— Art Voice

"Great Work, Ever Thought Of Trying It In Calypso?"  
-  Allen Ginsberg

"This Man Is Dangerous" -  The Washington Post

"Acidly Ironic Even In Its Still Rising Utopianism."
- Andrei Codrescu, NPR.

"hits you hard, and leaves your head spinning. Chandler possesses a remarkably fertile and inventive mind..."
- Rich Warren for Sing Out!

"Chris Chandler is the best performance poet I have ever seen."
- Utah Phillips

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