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BP: Beyond Pollution

The Gulf Coast and the city of New Orleans have been hit with the two worst man-made disasters in US history…   only her unique spirit could triumph.

Eight years in which the president, vice-president and 6 cabinet members were oil industry executives  .
has led to wide spread corruption and collusion among regulators and the regulated..   .
leading to the worst man made environmental disaster in US history
- except maybe Hurricane Katrina.  

While the most guilty hide beneath a cloak of corporate personhood.

If it's called corporate personhood...
corporations should have the same accountability as citizens.  

Put the entire payroll of British Petroleum IN PRISON.  

Number of persons serving prison time in U.S.-   2.5 million  

Number of corporations serving prison time in US-  ZERO

More than 20 percent  of prisoners in US are locked up for non-violent personal drug charges  

Only 5  percent  of suspected white collar criminals are prosecuted  
The number one recipient of BP's campaign contributions- President Obama  

4.9 million barrels of oil poured into the gulf.  
there are 42 gallons in a barrel
.plus nearly 2 million gallons of the toxic oil dispersant Corexit.  
Americans use 21 million barrels of oil each day  

In 2009, BP generated more than 27 billion of operating cash flow  
Clean Up Your Mess  

8,000 of the original Exxon Valdez plaintiffs have died since the spill while waiting for their compensation as Exxon fought them in court.  

Amount of Tony Hayward's personal retirement payout- 17 million

Amount Louisiana health officials were allocated to treat PTSD as a result of the oil spill for the entire state-  17 million  

BP has been fined 760 times by OSHA for safety violations .  
They fly flags of convenience to avoid regulation

I was never for the death penalty before -- I am willing to look at it again.  - Brad Pitt,
Make it Right Foundation

One hundred and fifty years ago, corporations were granted the same rights as people under the constitution.  

It is called corporate personhood.
I have been against this concept for years.
But alas, after this incident in the Gulf of Mexico - soon to be known as The Dead Sea - I see the error in my ways.  I say,
If these corporations want the rights of citizens they should also have the accountability of citizens.

I mean, I know if my negligence caused the death of eleven people, let alone the destruction of the gulf of Mexico I would be in prison.

So, I say first, put the entire corporation on trial – everyone on the payroll.  

How do you like you corporate personhood now?  

I envision not just the CEO going to prison but every congressional apologizer.

I wanna see every CEO GO TO PRISON. every CFO, every CIO, CISO  CPA and C3PO-- GO TO PRISON.

Every VP SVP and VIP for that matter.

Make an example of them – just like you make an example of the guy sitting in prison for growing dope in his own apartment in the ghetto.  

And if there is not enough room in the US penitentiary system for the entire payroll of British Petroleum- let out the guy who is in there for growing dope out to make room for the corporate guys.

I wanna see the writers and the actors in those BS BP ad campaigns Beyond petroleum, a greener oil company  GO TO PRISON.

I envision whole gas pumps dressed in orange jump-suits quivering with their little British accents as a large scary man stands over them saying insert prison joke here.

I wanna see every seller of every British Petroleum GO TO PRISON. I wanna see every user of every British Petroleum GO TO PRISON. I wanna see every user of petroleum go to prison.  I WANT TO GO TO PRISON,

As we all watch the BP bank accounts and the bank accounts of Halliburton and Transatlantic for that matter drained while they are paying the billions,.. quadrillions in reparations.

Haley Barbour, you can lick my dip-stick.  I say it is time to BILL BABY BILL.

You guys need to hire every idle shrimp boat captain in Gulfport  Mississippi and every out of work oyster fisherman in Corpus Christi, TX to clean up your mess – not to mention every out of work sea food restaurant waiter in New Orleans to clean up your mess.  

Use the community we have.  

Don't hire Halliburton.  
I wanna see your share holders standing on off ramps holding buckets with signs that read will work to pay locals for their loss.

You knew your oil rig was too big to fail. That's why you were claiming  it was from the Marshall Islands – which is an oil company with a flag.

But since you did choose to fly the flag of the Marshall Islands, I say it makes you an Illegal Immigrant. And Ironically, I find myself suddenly agreeing with the State of Arizona and you should be deported.  

An act like this perpetrated by a foreigner can only be viewed as foreign eco-terrorism and the place you should be deported to is Guantonimo Bay.

Where you can sit in your little orange jump suits and be waterboarded – with  water, from the Gulf YOU DESTROYED. c 2010 Chris Chandler

updated: 8 years ago