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    Seattle WA August 01, 2022

    Hi everybody.

    I am so sorry, I very rarely bother you twice a month - let alone twice in one day!

    After spending all day on getting my humble monthly missive ready fo your perusal, and celebrating the moment I hit send! I realized that the links were not working.

    So I am sending just the links. I hope you enjoy, and I really do enjoy hearing back from you.

    If you missed the news letter you can read it here with mostly working links:

    Here is the poem that i read in the air with Jarrod Kaplan of Sky Monkey PPG

    Here are two very cool live videos from the Country Faire, and at Egan's Ballard Jam House in Seattle:

    If you would like to buy a CD or download a copy of the new album:

    I am going to be ambling about this month somewhere between Seattle and Austin. Looking for a pop up gig - anything in either North Dakota or Nebraska - the only two states I have never done a gig.

    Contact me at


    if you can support me or this newsletter a one time donation to either paypal or Venmo is at:

    or if you can be a continuing supporter - even just literally a couple of bux a month:

    Thanks again, and so sorry to have to send out an amendments newsletter.