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    Three Kings of Memphis

    Three Kings of Memphis


    We Still Call 'em Records
    only $8.00 (cheap) The Three Kings of Memphis is a modern re-telling of the Magi story. It is both wholesome and secular, with a humorous edge and poignant punch. Set in present day Americana, Three Kings of Memphis is a TRUE story, that rekindles the fire beneath a medley of well-loved seasonal songs, giving us a new reason to sing them loudly. John Elliott sings us into the heart of this holiday season, illuminating the inspirational storytelling of spoken-word performer Chris Chandler. This piece is a treasure... .... perhaps Gold... perhaps Frankincense... perhaps Myrrh. The first 100 orders of this special holiday package comes with a handsome signed copy of the story's text as it first appeared in The Oakland Literary Review.

    updated: 6 months ago