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The Chris Chandler Show

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    Chandler's chronology of past musical partners

    film strip of the history of chris music career
    Chris Chandler (solo)
    (June 1988 - 1992)
    "As Seen on NO TV" (Flying Fish) February 1992
    Released 10 tapes 2 Videos, 3 Books
    Stark Raving Chandler
    (April 1992 - May 1995)
    Amanda Stark click here Vocals, Guitar, Drums
    Josh Zawaduk* click here, Bass, Drums, Guitar, Accordian, Trumpet
    Released "Generica"(Silverwolf) May 1995
    Avoiding Godot
    (May 1997 - November 1997)
    Samantha Parton click here Vocals, Guitar, Washboard
    David Rovics click here - Guitar Vocals
    Oliver Steck* click here - Accordian, Trumpet, Piano, Percussion, Vocal.
    David Roe* click here Piano, Guitar, Mandolin Vocals
    Released "Convenience Store Troubadours" (1 800 Prime CD) December 1997 click hereThe Unwilling Disciples
    (November 1997 - February 1998)
    David Roe click here Piano, Guitar, Mandolin Vocals
    Samantha Parton click here Guitar, Vocals, Mandolin, Washboard
    (No releases)
    The Convenience Store Troubadours
    (1st incarnation Nov 97 - May 98)Laura Freeman* - Vocals, Nikki Leeman - Guitar Vocals click here, Samntha Parton** click here Guitar, Vocals, Mandolin, Washboard Josh Zawaduk* click hereDrums
    (2nd incarnation May 1998-October 1999)
    Chad Austinson* click here - Drums, Guitar,
    Laura Freeman click here - Vocals,
    Frankie Hernandez click here- Guitar, Trumpet, Vocals
    Released "Hell Toupee" (1 800 Prime CD) July 1999Liberachi Hootenanny
    (October 1999 - November 1999)
    Kale Kallich - Vocals, Guitar,
    Danny Dollinger - Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin
    Over The Counter Culture
    (January 2000 0 January 2001
    Magda Hiller Guitar Vocals
    Released Posthumously Live 2001
    The Flying Poetry Circus
    January 2001-October 2004
    Anne Feeney Guitar Vocals
    Oliver Steck Accordion 2004
    Released Flying Poetry Circus 2002
    Live from the Wholey Stolen Empire 2004
    CHris Chandler and Jo Smith
    October 2004 - February 2005
    Jo Smith Piano Vocals
    No releases
    The Chris Chandler and David Roe Show
    February 2005 February 2007
    David Roe Piano vocals
    Released American Storyteller Vols i and II 2005
    American Storyteller vols III and IV 2007
    The Chris Chandler Show
    players have included David Morialle, Danny Dollinger, JP Strong, Randy Auxier,
    released 50 from 20 The 20 year anniversary Box set May 2008
    Chris Chandler and Paul Benoit
    released "So, Where Ya headed?" 9-9-09 "Matadors" 11-11-11