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    The ad for the 2009 CD

    The ad for the 2009 CD
    The new CD is finished. It is named after the first thing ya say to a hitch hiker: "So, Where Ya Headed?"

    Ya see The whole CD seems to be a conversation with a stranger about the road and the places it takes you. Paul Benoit seems to play the part of an amazing radio station that just keeps picking the right tune.

    It is fully recorded and mixed and wow does it sound good. My best studio effort in years!

    Would you like to be an executive producer?
    or buy an advance copy?

    Sure Ya do! You can't wait to get a copy! signed. for only 20 bucks including postage!

    You have always wanted to be a patron of the arts...
    see your name listed as an executive producer...

    Just click here:
    If This Link is Broken Try the Coffee Can icon on my "Home" page

    make sure ya leave how ya want your name listed and where ya want your copy sent!
    or contact me via email

    I can not tell you how much either choice would help!!!

    Yes!  My best studio effort in years!  

    All due to  Paul Benoit.  He is nothing short of a world class slide, roots and Americana guitar player living in Seattle, El Salvador and Paris.  He both accompanies on and produced this new record.  "So, Where Ya Headed?"

    chandler 1348
    I have Posted a song from it here:  Chandler's My space site

    The thing is, now I have to pay to have it to be manufactured, and you too can help!!!  by doing one of the following:

    1) Purchase an advance copy. I will send you a signed copy of the new CD for $20 bucks including postage.  

    2)  Become an executive producer and have your name in the liner notes!  For a donation of a hundred dollars ($100), I will include whatever name you like in the liner notes and send you a signed copy as soon as it is done.

    Either one would be a huge help!!!!!!!!!!

    The easiest way is via PayPal by clicking here:

    The other is to send a check or money order to:

    Chris Chandler
    3128 Memory Lane
    Silver Spring, MD 20904

    In either case, make sure you include your snail mail address and how you would like it signed or your name listed.

    And one more thing before we get to the featured newsletter: The tour  see tour dates if you are on the east coast from NYC around the peninsula of Florida all the way into Texas!

    NOW, enough of the crass commercial announcement