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  • Oklahoma by Dan Bern and Chris Chandler

    from: Co-writes
    Oklahoma by Dan Bern and Chris Chandler

    On the 19th day of April

    In 1995

    There was the worst car bombing

    Near 200 people died

    In Oklahoma City

    On Wednesday nine o'clock

    They struck the federal building

    Took out near half the block

    They thought it was an earthquake

    Made trees and lightpoles bend

    And folks thought they were seeing

    The world about to end

    It blew the building open

    It lay there like a wound

    Twisted pipes and wires

    Silent like a tomb

    Yeah, they blew the building open

    And blew folks lives apart

    Firefighters mumbling

    And wondering where to start

    They rushed out some survivors

    But soon could only cry

    And place the dead in caskets

    And ask the dear lord why

    Prayer for the missing

    For daughters and for sons

    Prayers for the souls of those

    Who'd never heard a one

    Kevin Small was lucky

    His clock needed repair

    He overslept an hour

    His three-year old son was spared

    But for too many others

    The news was not so bright

    One baby got her picture in the paper

    Then she died

    The President, he promised

    They'd pay dearly for the blast

    and all across the country

    Flags were flying at half mast

    Shock soon turned to anger

    "Who would do this?" people said

    And everyone suspicious

    Had a price upon their head

    They thought it was some Arabs

    And folks began ton scream

    "First tighten up the borders

    Then hang 'em from a tree

    This proves what we've been saying

    'Bout our fair and gentle land

    Nobody who did this

    Could be an American"

    The FBI got busy

    Some drawings and some names

    And everyone was looking

    For someone else to blame

    Some 50 hours later

    Early Friday day

    They found the man they wanted

    In jail ten miles away

    A so-called right extremist

    A patriot government foe

    An expert on explosions

    And white as drive snow

    When people heard the news they found it

    Hard to understand

    How could such a murderer

    Come from our own land

    But when we build walls and borders

    From fear and hate and guns

    The hatred turns around and

    Strikes at everyone

    Maybe now we'll understand

    Maybe now we'll see

    Superpatriots are seldom

    Friends of you and me

    They're scared and weak and cowards

    And they think that with their guns

    The ones they're most afraid of

    Will turn around and run

    But when we stand strong together

    And let love enjoy its will

    Misfortune can't defeat us

    It makes us stronger still

    Like on the 19th day of April

    In 1995

    A day all Oklahomans will

    Remember all their lives


    Written By Dan Bern and Chirs Chandler

    released on Dan Bern's "Dog Boy Van"

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