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    April, 1, 2016
    Oakland, CA

    First let me say I am sorry this once dependable monthly compedium of thoughts and ramblings has been reduced to an occasional newsletter - I would like to change that!

    Paul Benoit  and I have a new album coming soon...
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    This will be our third together
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    The New Left
    By Chris Chandler

    The Political landscape has turned so far upside down that it is hard to recognize!!!!

    I know... I know... all my liberal friends ask me, "Why have you not made a public declaration for Bernie Sanders at this critical juncture?"

    I would have thought you could figure that out...

    Sure, I love Bernie... Who doesn't?  

    I 'member him back when he was the Socialist mayor of Burlington - I used to be a street musician, ya know... I was hangin' out in Burlington back then... playin' the streets with Rachel Bisex.  

    Hell, I 'memeber before Bernie when you couldn't perform as a street musician in Burlington... He got the legislation to pass so we could busk... in some ways... he is largely why you and I know each other.  So, I love Bernie... I do...

    OK... OK... I could quibble with some of his foreign policy expertise... but I don't fully buy some of my further left friends who claim he is a zionist... I get it... he is softer on Israel than I would like...

    Keep in mind... he, as a long time politician, (at the very least) is complicit in the shift America has undergone in the past quarter which we have moved so far to the right that Ronald Reagan would be called a socialist...

    Speaking of such... sheeze he'd be older than Reagan when elected.  Not that I am against older people - - (in fact - I think in general the reason I have little respect for Millennials is that they DON'T Respect older people...  but I digress.)

    I have no doubts about his cognitive abilities - but after four years in the highest office in the land... It takes a tole on you... sure it does...

    Have you seen the pictures of Abraham Lincoln running for office again in  '64 running for a second term - at the end of the Civil War?  Holy Cow!  Being president takes a toll on you.  Lincoln was younger than I am now!!!  Do I look that bad?

    But in this 21st Century age... you can do it -   So it is not his age...

    It's sweet... Great Gram-pa achieving something and all...

    No... No... No... those are NOT the reasons I am NOT supporting Bernie (Pardon the double negatives.)  

    It is because he CAN defeat Hillary Clinton.

    I am looking at the race against Donald Trump.

    The Primary (no pun intended) reason I am not supporting Bernie is because he COULD beat Hillary...

    ...and I am thinking about the General Election here.

    TRUMP would run to the left of Hillary on trade and win!

    Trump could not do that to Bernie. Bernie would beat Trump.

    So, you get what I am saying here, right? (no, Left)

    I don't want Bernie to win the primary BECAUSE he could beat Trump in the general election.  

    Trump has so blown up the political map to pieces that he winds up to the left of both Bernie and Hillary... and Stein for that matter...

    Bernie (who calls himself a socialist) is at best a centerist.

    Hillary is at best a Republican...

    Ted Cruz and his ilk are so far off the right end of the map I don't know what to call them...

    but TRUMP... is like that old Atari Video game - Asteroids... remember... when your space ship goes off one side of the screen it comes back on the other.

    He has single handedly destroyed the Republican Party.  No Democrat or self proclaimed Socialist could do that.

    I mean he has broken the Republican Party so wide open that he is actually to the left of Jill Stein - which is who I originally supported....

    So, lets take a look at it...

    ... when it comes to trade issues - Trump is to the left of Hillary.

    Easy.  Trump wins.

    Immigration: Trump is to the left of Hillary.

    His much maligned position isn't just about immigration... it is about trade... and that wall he wants to build (and get Mexico to pay for it - hopefully built with American Labor) will not only help American workers but American businesses.  The wall is not to keep Mexican immigrants out it is to keep American business in the USA.

    I have thought about it alot - YEA! lets build a wall and send the bill to Mexico.  They should be glad to have a wall that keeps greedy American corporations form going down there and exploiting a cheaper labor pool - and vicariously keeping it cheap - and on a perpetual spiral to the bottom.

    The only way to help grow Mexican wages is to keep American Business out - via a wall.

    So, let's build a wall AND simultaneously raise our minimum wage here to $15 bucks an hour... all for it.  

    Also, Mexico has lower pollution standards - American corporations can not go down there and foul up the air at an astonishing rate - which is the same air we breath... here!

    The wall will help stop global warming!

    Trump is good for the environment... His plan is far better than anything I have heard on the so called left.

    I agree with Trump on lots of things.  

    The American Big Banking Industry is rigged.  Donald Trump knows that.  He has been using it to his advantage for years.  We need a guy with that kind of insider knowledge to fix it.

    Bernie Sanders can't do that.  and if he beats Hillary he will be our next president.

    Trump is right (well left.)


    Nobody else will talk about our dysfunctional relationship with China... our cooperate entitlements... tort reform... The size of his own penis... Donald does... he is not afraid of these issues... All of Donald's hot air may get in the way of really hearing the guy - but at least his hot air evaporates all of Hillary's watered down solutions.

    Donald is right (no, left.) NATO IS obsolete... and should be disbanded... Look at Russia's invasion of Ukraine - where was NATO?... he actually right (well left) on most issues I care passionately about.

    Our entire political structure has turned so far around that Donald Trump is further to the left than the entire Democratic Party.  

    Think about it folks...

    Bernie beats Hillary... BECAUSE Bernie beats Trump...

    But Trump who is who we really need right now.  So vote for Hillary.

    And then... switch parties.  I know it is hard to switch parties mid apocalypse, but - I beg all of you lefties out there to reconsider.

    Vote Trump.

    Perhaps he really could make America Great again...

    H.E.R.E.S. .D.A. .D.A.T.E.S.

    Saturday, April 2nd, 2016  10AM

    Tartan Day Festival (with Jen Delyth and Celtic Art Studio)

    Ardenwood Farm

    Fremont, CA


    Wednesday, April 6th, 2016  7:00

    with Paul Benoit

    Bazaar Cafe

    5927 California Street
    San Francisco, CA 94121


    Thursday, April 7th, 2016  8:00 PM

    Obo Presents The Chris Chandler and Paul Benoit Show


    226 Broad St
    Nevada City, CA


    Friday, April 8th, 2016  7:00 PM

    Chris and Paul

    The Monkey House

    1638 University ave
    Berkeley, CA


    Saturday, April 9th, 2016  7:00 PM

    Cassie Cushing Presents

    Kaleidoscope Coffee

    109 Park Place
    Point Richmond, CA


    Monday, April 11th, 2016  7:30

    Laurie Greenfest Berger Presents

    Wu Wei Tea Room

    1820 Sir Francis Drake Blvd
    Fairfax, CA



    Friday Saturday, April 23rd-24th, 2016  10 AM

    Sacramento Scottish Highland Games with Jen Delyth and Celtic Art Studio

    Yolo County Faire Grounds

    Woodland, CA


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    April 2016
    Saturday, April 2nd 10AM
    Tartan Day Festival (with Jen Delyth and Celtic Art Studio)
    Ardenwood Farm
    Fremont CA

    Wednesday, April 6th 7:00
    with Paul Benoit
    Bazaar Cafe
    San Francisco CA 94121

    Thursday, April 7th 8:00 PM
    Obo Presents The Chris Chandler and Paul Benoit Show
    Nevada City CA

    Friday, April 8th 7:00 PM
    Chris and Paul
    The Monkey House
    Berkeley CA

    Saturday, April 9th 7:00 PM
    Cassie Cushing Presents
    Kaleidoscope Coffee
    Point Richmond CA

    Monday, April 11th 7:30
    Laurie Greenfest Berger Presents
    Wu Wei Tea Room
    Fairfax CA

    Saturday, April 23rd 10 AM
    Sacramento Scottish Highland Games with Jen Delyth and Celtic Art Studio
    Yolo County Faire Grounds
    Woodland CA

    Sunday, April 24th 10 AM
    Sacramento Scottish Highland Games with Jen Delyth and Celtic Art Studio
    Yolo County Faire Grounds
    Woodland CA

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