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The Chris Chandler Show

  • Monthly announcments and Thank Yous

    March 2008 Monthly announcments and Thank Yous

    March 2008 Monthly announcments and Thank Yous

    A picture I took at the Crazy Horse Monument this summer.

    March 08
    Paul Benoit and I had a wonderful tour of the great North West. I am booking bates on the west coast for July through August with Paul Benoit music.  If you or someone you know would like to present this show complete with videos in California, Oregon, Washington or British Columbia please let me know soon!

    After that Paul and I are planning on a trip to Europe – so if you know any one that would like to present us there – Also please drop me a line.

    Please check out my site at You-Tube
    I got real depressed with You – Tube after my video "Something's in the Air" got yanked after it was doing so well.  I am just getting around to doing anything with the site.  But please stop by and take a look.  

    I did put a copy of "somethings in the Air" at
    I have also added a few videos up there or on the video tab at www.chrischandlerorg
    Speaking of videos I am working on a few new projects.  The New George Mann video will be finished and posted this month.

    I am planning on working on a new Anne Feeney video soon.

    If you would like to see some of the ones I have made for others please check out

    If you are interested in having me work on a video for you please drop me a line.

    The new play I ma working on will be a multi-media show.  I am most excited about working on it.  All of the "scenery" will be made with video projection.
    I am putting together a retrospective album "box set" for this summer.  This will be my 20th anniversary of performing.  I have released 13 CDs 10 tapes 4 books and 7 music videos.  I am planning on putting together about a 3 hour box set available on memory stick!  If you have any requests for that set please let me know.  More on that next month.
    I am starting to work a little more with myspace please drop by  I have videos up there and have been posting this news letter.  I have just changed the songs and am open to requests of songs to put up there for download.
    As always feel free to drop me a line.

    THANK YOU for February 2007
    Paul Benoit, Shirley Myers, Anne Feeney, Jim and Catherine Infantino, Karen Kilroy,  Adam East, Darlene and Bill Benoit, Brian Juniper and Kitty Prosser, Michelle Sellers, Peter Wilde, Barbara, Kirsten Shipper, Dave, Jerry and Jessica, Janet Bates,  Pete at the Estacada Library, Kris Delaney, Daisey, Sunny James, Julie, Tige, Charlotte Thistle, Betsey Pernatto, Nina Law, The Paul Benoit Trio, Amy Peace, The Levy Breaks, Amber Cole, Chrystal, Joe and Jay, Nick Annis,