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    July 08 Monthly Annoncments and Thank yous.

    July 08 Monthly Annoncments and Thank yous

    Jim Hinde - friend - extended family member - Consummate writer/musician Dies Jim Hinde in Tacoma, WA 2004

    Jim Hinde often performed in front of the original Starbucks at Pike Place Market. When he wasn't there, he could often be found in front of the crafts vendors inside the Market.

    Jim Hinde's music and lyrics to all his songs:

    To hear streams of his songs: (type "Jim Hinde" in the search field)

    With Pike Place Market as his stage, street musician Jim Hinde delighted millions of visitors, locals and workers for two decades with poignant lyrics, understated guitar and a nod, smile or wink that said: "What's not to love here?"

    An institution within an institution, Mr. Hinde was the soul of a place considered the soul of the city, his folk songs a soundtrack for the Market since he began performing there full time as a busker in 1990.

    The death of Mr. Hinde, 56, who suffered a heart attack in his sleep, cast a pall Tuesday over the Market, where he was regarded as a consummate professional. A former salesman, Mr. Hinde often credited the Market with saving him from the demons that haunted him as a Vietnam War veteran.

    His image — gray beard, brimmed hat and guitar — was the subject of who knows how many tourist photographs.
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