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The Chris Chandler Show

  • My Wish List

    My Wish List

    My Wish List
    I know you were expecting to see something like "world peace" If you clicked on to the "My Wish List I assume you, on some level would like to help.  Terrific! Thanks!
    Sure, there are ways you could help financially - but first, there are other ways.   We all know there are things greater than money.  Perhaps, there are some "things" you might have - that you aren't using and would like to see them go to a good creative cause.  Or perhaps there are some skills and time you might have or aren't using and would like to see them go to a good creative cause.
    (One) are you experienced in making videos? or doing projection?  
    Perhaps you would like to help in the making of this multi-media play.
    I need help or just advice puting the tech components together.  Dont get me wrong I am no ludite, I have spken with some real pros who have said, "hmmmm" (Two) I need a video camera!  I really need a Good Camera.  At present I m using a cheap pro-sumer modle mini DV. I have been borrowing and drawing from the favor bank - to make these little short films.  
    (Three) I need a booking agent!  The Chris Chandler Show is very sell-able and deserves to be in front of audiences while making a living at it.
    (four)  Teach me anything about making films - I am hungry and so far getting pretty good at it - there is much I need to know!  Ya know give a man a fish and he eats for a day.  Teach a man to fish and he can go out on long weekends with the boys and drink lots of beer.  Wait - that's not how that goes. ummm...
    Here's other ways you could help.
    You could buy a copy of (working title) American Story Teller at $20 and I will mail you a copy as soon as it is done!  You can click here to do so.
    Or you could make a direct donation.  
    $100 will get you a thank you in the liner notes of my next project! (Just what you've always wanted huh?)
    In any event - I sincerely thank you just for being interested enough to get this far.
    Chris Chandler