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    After Life (for Rachel Bissex)

    After Life for Rachel Bissex
    There is a light

    that wakes us up,

    and gets us out of bed us out of bed each day.

    It is not the blue neon of digital clocks

    announcing a central point

    in a specific time zone.

    Nor the orange ball breaking the horizon,

    creating the very time zones

    of day

    and night.

    Though it does create its own time zones.



    Back then

    and tomorrow.

    The light of life creates and crosses each of those horizons.

    There are those that believe in an afterlife.

    I am one of those.

    But after life is

    as complex as the soap operas of our daily lives

    as simple as human history itself

    as misunderstood as a the pearly gates

    as over interpreted as the river Styx.

    After life is simply that:  After Life.

    The life that we leave here on earth — after life.

    It is the life we leave - the world we have helped create

    for those after our own life has left us.

    You, Rachel, have left for us is a perfect heaven

    through the light you have shown.

    That is that light that gets us out of bed each day

    may we continue to shine your light

    • right here -

    in the heaven that you have created

    so that others may feel it

    • right here -

    in the after life

    for ever.