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  • The Muse and Whirled Retort 2022

    The Muse and Whirled Retort March 2022

    Muse March 2022

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    March 1st, 2022
    Austin, TX

    From the Motherland
    By Chris Chandler

    And so it came to pass,
    that from the motherland,
    (They have always called it the motherland. )
    the troops were amassed along the border.
    The imperialist designs
    of it all were

    The armored divisions
    parked themselves at the weaker nation’s border,
    still trembling from its own revolution
    a few short years ago.

    The stronger nation peered over the border,
    sniffing for an excuse.
    One of the largest military garrisons the world had seen.

    Knowing the still uncertainness of that revolution,
    the stronger nation
    saw a way to create an excuse.
    An excuse to invade.
    To conquer.

    First, they sent in people to foment divisiveness.
    They amplified that divisiveness with the media.
    Reporters crossed the borders,
    pencils behind their ears,
    who sent back stories of dissent.
    They did not speak the language,
    they did not need to
    to arouse animosity.
    At first, a trickle.
    The aliens stirred up trouble with the locals.
    Some of the locals agreed.
    Most did not.

    But still, it was enough to claim autonomy
    for certain sections.
    New nations were concocted out of thin air,
    and it was announced
    that they had always existed.

    New borders were created.
    “This section has always been autonomous,
    and this one too.”
    New flags were created.
    The flag of the bear was flown.
    “The Bear Revolt,”
    the Motherland called it.

    The whole world could see what was happening,
    and did nothing.
    Obviously, a pretext for invasion.
    “This part has always been our land.”

    New borders drawn.
    Each time, a little bit larger.
    When the locals finally said,
    “Enough is enough!”
    The Motherland claimed she was attacked.

    And in her troops went.
    Far more than the locals had.
    They could not resist.
    And not a single other country in the world would help.
    They had made it clear they would not stand in the way,
    if the weaker country was attacked.
    OK, a few countries from Europe
    did send her a few arms, to
    protect herself.
    (Oh, and there were some sanctions.)
    But it was too little, too late.

    The locals were overwhelmed
    and could do nothing to stop the invasion
    from the Motherland,
    until even her capitol city fell
    with a whimper.

    And the people of the Motherland
    poured in to occupy her newly conquered territory
    and all of the new “residents”
    acted as if it had always been that way.

    And that, my friends,
    is how it came to pass
    that the United States of America
    acquired the states of
    New Mexico,
    and Texas.

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