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  • Bruce U. Utah Phillips

    newsletter imageIn a matter of a few minutes Anne Feeney phoned me from an airport in Houston.  Al Grierson's  "Lonely Deadhead Box-Car"  was playing on Random on my iPod.  After our conversation, I went to check my email.  Jim Page was singing "Anna Mae."  I had an email from Jim.  I have pasted it below.  As I read it Utah sang "All Used Up."  As I responded to Jim's Email Arlo Guthrie sang "Hobo's Lullaby."

    > In the night of May 23, 2008, Bruce Duncan Phillips died in great peace,

    > asleep in his bed in Nevada City, California, with his wife Joanna by

    > his side.


    > Amazingly, at the very same instant that the scholar Bruce Phillips

    > finally discovered his angle of repose, U. Utah Phillips flagged a

    > westbound freight train. Yes, a mighty fast rattler, on a long

    > west-bound track. He needed no ticket, he was welcomed on board.


    > The immediate family and neighbors of Bruce Phillips, along with any

    > Wobblies who happen to be passing through, are gathering in Nevada City

    > to do all the things that must be done. Please give them the quiet

    > respect they so need right now.


    > But you can wave "So Long!" to Utah when that train moves west. Hey,

    > hear the whistle? He's passing by right now!