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The Chris Chandler Show

  • One Percent / Ten Ton Shoes (6:22)

    I love my country but i fear my corporation


    Oh mighty 1%, “Class Warfare,” you cry?

    When clearly it is you has been waging class warfare for half a century.

    by laying siege on our houses with your army of banks and turned us into refugees.

    If you did not want us on the streets you should not have foreclosed on our houses.

    Class Warfare?

    You have invaded our pensions, and carpet bombed our job markets. Incarcerated our poor for ridiculous crimes such as growing dope in our own apartments - making us prisoners of war, in YOUR class war.

    Yet none of you are prisoners.

    Wall Street wrecked our economy yet no one was convicted - hell I would get convicted if I so much as wrecked my car.

    I will believe in Corporate Citizenship when I see one get treated the way they treat me.

    If these corporations want the rights of citizens they should also have the accountability as citizens


    I know if I perpetrated the crimes these corporations commit - I would be in county lock up.

    I say put the corporations themselves in Prison

    Some Say Tax the rich? I say Jail the rich.

    And if there is not enough room in the united states penetanry system for those guilty of corporate crimes - let the guy who’s in there for growing dope out - to make room for the corporate guys.

    So why are we in the streets?

    how about 15 million people who are upside down on their mortgages yet record prophets from the banks AFTER the very people who are upside down on their mortgages bailed the banks out?

    Our so called elected officials have been reduced to the role of doddering greeter at The Great Wal-Mart of China.

    I say, “Tear down that Wall (street,) Mr Bernanke!”


    What we need here is a separation of Corporation and State.

    otherwise we should just change our name from the United States of America to The Bank of America.

    It is YOU, Oh mighty 1% that has raked in record prophets, while refusing to pay taxes

    I think it is funny you see these stock brokers drinking champaign in their Wall Street offices looking down at the protestors complaining that we are un- civilized.

    Well remember what Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “Taxes are the price you pay for a civilized society.”

    calling yourself the job creators.

    Yea, you are creating jobs alright... in third world countries.

    Why do they hate us?

    No, you are the Job creators - as in the book of Job.

    YOU making your wager with the devil - creating doubters among the righteous by destroying our possessions, and turning our social safety-net into a hammock for yourself.


    But these are not the Sixties protesters. There is a big difference. The Sixties protestors were brought up in the brand-loyal fifties - these kids were major consumers of all kinds of goods. They queued up to buy groovy Carnaby Street “Mod Gear” and “Wear Your Love Like Heaven” cosmetics.

    Today’s protester does not BUY anything.


    They won’t shop at GAP - they run Wal-Mart out of town – hell, they won’t even go to Starbucks


    So why are we in the streets?

    how about 24 million unemployed in spite of record prophets from major corporations.

    and those who are lucky enough to be employed find that the CEO makes 250 times what the employees - the ones that are actually doing the work make.

    It is like Giulo Prisco said, “I have no issue with those who do something useful, making 100 times more money than me. I have many issues with those who produce nothing, destroy value, make others homeless and poor, scam the entire world, and make 10000 times more money than me. Those must go, along with the insane system that makes their scams possible.”


    Oh, before the Berlin Wall fell, we Americans loved to talk about how the Soviet Union would broadcast only the songs of the state and we romanticized that it was our radio broadcasts wafting in from West Berlin that tore down the wall.

    Yet now, the cell phone’s in the other hand.


    There is a new wall running down divided America. And it is American media that is being manipulated by the agenda of the state.

    because the state has become indistinguishable from the corporation – which needs sponsors more than it needs an electorate.

    But I am warning you, there is something in the air, and soon it will be the peoples’ webcasts tweeting in from someone named ANONYMOUS that tears down the wall, and this time it will not be the Berlin Wall that falls -

    - it will be Wall Street.


    One Percent/ 10 Ton Shoes
    Chris Chandler/ Paul Benoit

    “The GOP is trying to turn this into a third world country in the hopes the jobs will come back.” - Chuck Narad

    Paul Benoit: Guitar, and Vocals
    Frankie Hernandez: Trumpet
    Dan Weber: Drums
    Doug Schoolcraft: Guitar
    Brad White: Bass Vocals
    Chris Chandler: Spoken Word

    Recorded originally at: Squirley studio by: Ric Vaughan
    with additional tracks by Colin Frangos in his Beatnik Basement, Oakland, CA
    and at Flash Point Recording Studio by: East Side Flash, Austin, TX

    One Percent/ 10 Ton Shoes
    Chris Chandler/ Paul Benoit

    Published by: 9th Wave Publishing/ Stray Dog Music