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  • New Orleans

    From Inside New Orleans

    By Mike Perry

    Interesting things overheard...

    This came from WWL 870am Radio: Apparently Wal-Mart wants to open their stores in areas where they can, including Kenner and Metairie.  FEMA has forbid them to do so.  Sheriff Harry Lee, in typical "Lee-style" announced that he was "commandeering" the Wal-Marts in the area and allowing them to open, and if FEMA tries to stop them, Lee will have the feds arrested arrested.  He said if they don't like it they can try to arrest him.  You gotta love Harry Lee.  He doesn't take any crap.

    I talked to a National Guard reservist today who's been doing patrols in Orleans Parish.  He said last night an NOPD cop shot eight looters dead.  At this time, if they catch you looting, they just take you out.  Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.  Zero tolerance.  Soldiers are now going out on extra patrols just looking for anyone stupid enough to loot.  The guy I talked to said, "It's one thing if you see someone looting some

    food.  But if someone walks out of a store with a VCR, we're going to put a bullet in his head."  

    They're kind of pissed off that NOPD initially turned

    the other cheek when people were looting, and feel that there should have been an unconditional intolerance towards looting.

    Animal rescue folks have been grabbing supplies wherever they can.  They raided the Petsmart and other stores to get animal carriers and are desperate for cages for rescued pets.

    I also heard a that FEMA was shutting down the aid station on Airline Hwy at Sam's and would cease giving out food and water.  The national guard folks thought this was to stop yesterday, but I made a run today and picked up ice and water.

    More pictures from the area:


    Some interesting pictures that might need further explanation.  Areas include Bucktown, Upper Metairie Road, my place and in an ironic twist, my little dinky lemon tree has all the lemons still on it, while entire brick office buildings a few blocks down the street came tumbling down, Dragos feeding people, various businesses in Fat City, places along Vets Blvd., pipes on Airline hwy being assembled to pump the water out of Orleans Parish, soldiers loading supplies into peoples' vehicles, some damaged places on Ridgelake, more places along Vets, the Galleria, and what used to be "Major Video" had the front of its building ripped off, vacant I-10 at Causeway with busses facing the wrong way, and the last picture is us going the wrong way down Severn after we ran into a guy driving an 18-wheeler loaded with generators who (ironically) didn't know where the Landmark hotel was (LOL), so we told him to follow us and went the wrong way down the street because Entergy was working on the power lines in the right lane.  It's kind of fun going the wrong way down the street knowing you won't get in trouble.