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    A Raffle to help an individual musician

    --- Mary Barrett  wrote:

    > Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2005 12:08:30 -0700 (PDT)

    > From: Mary Barrett

    > Subject: My nephew's raffle

    > To:


    > Dear Hali, thanks for offering your help.  I'm

    > including the info about my nephew and the raffle.

    > I'm grateful for any help you can give me.  thank

    > you

    > so very much, Mary Barrett 510-524-4171




    > I am having a raffle to raise money for my nephew

    > Ted

    > whose house and livelihood were wiped out by the New

    > Orleans flood.  Ted's a jazz musician with a degree

    > from Berklee School of Music and a Master's degree

    > from the University of New Orleans.  (He studied in

    > Wynton Marsalis' father's program- Ellis Marsalis'.)


    > Ted loves New Orleans, "We put the stutter in the

    > step," he told me proudly about the Big Easy music

    > scene.

    >      With his degree, in guitar performance, he

    > began

    > the life of a musician.  He was a bike messenger by

    > day and played gigs at night.  He also composed

    > music.

    >  And he struggled.  But it was worth it to him, to

    > keep on making music. (He played his own beautifully

    > moving composition at my mother's funeral.) Ted

    > never

    > had aspirations of being rich.  He loved what he was

    > doing; but, when he married, he added on a job with

    > Verizon to pay some bills.  This past year, he was

    > hired to teach private lessons at Mandeville Music

    > Academy, thirty miles south east of New Orleans.  He

    > and his wife bought an insubstantial place on the

    > Bayou and worked on it for a year, fixing it into a

    > real home.

    >      His wife Mary is from New Orleans.  Her family

    > has strong roots there, Cajun, German and Irish.

    > When

    > she heard of this hurricane, she convinced Ted to

    > evacuate.  He and she drove her grandmother and her

    > father north to Tennessee then to Alabama where

    > they're living today in a motel room.  The

    > grandmother

    > is wheelchair bound, so there was no room in the car

    > for Ted's instruments.   Except for one guitar,

    > everything they own is under water.  Ted lost his

    > guitars, his bass, his piano, amps, a brand new sax

    > he

    > was teaching himself to play, and nearly all his

    > originally composed music.  His bike messenger bike

    > is

    > gone too.

    >      My raffle goal is to replace the things Ted

    > needs

    > for work.  Please help me help Ted and Mary by

    > buying

    > as many raffle tickets as you can.  There is no

    > overhead.  Every cent will go to them.  The prizes

    > are

    > terrific and the drawing will be held at my house on

    > the last Friday of September, September 30, after

    > work.  You're invited!  You can reach me at

    > 510-524-4171.  I can get ticket stubs to you through

    > the mail.  You do not have to be present to win.

    > Prize list follows

    > Raffle Prizes:                   Value

    > Sumptuous Homemade Dinner for four delivered to your

    > Home$200.00

    > (Donated by Irish Chef Eileen Barrett)



    > One Full Day of Manual Labor at Your

    > House.$200.00

    > (Donated by Han Barrett-Liu, of Yosemite's Trail

    > Crew)

    > Expert Landscape Design Consultation.

    > .$200.00

    > (Donated by David Liu, Landscape Designer and

    > Builder)

    > Custom Made Mixed CDs of Your Favorite

    > Music.$100.00

    > (Donated by Clare Liu-Bell, Mixologist)

    > Conversion of your favorite CDs to

    > MP3..$ 60.00

    > (Donated by Clare Liu-Bell)

    > Chinese Character Wood Block Print

    > (Prosperity)$175.00

    > (Donated by Betty Jo Yamamoto, Artist)

    > Figure Drawing Print,

    > Matted$175.00

    > (Donated by Paul Veres, Artist)

    > Yoshi's, Tickets for two to a Jazz Performance of

    > your

    > choice..$30.00

    > (Donated by Bill Joyce, Jazz Buff)

    > Chinese Dinner for Two at King Tsin on

    > Solano.$30.00

    > (Donated by King Tsin's Owner)

    > Large Framed Photo of the old Oakland Train

    > Station..$400.00

    > (Donated by Susan Moon, Photographer)

    > Delightful Water Color

    > Painting$175.00

    > (Donated by Judith Brownfield, Artist)

    > Fine Fifth of Single Malt

    > Scotch.$50.00

    > (Donated by Dennis Barrett, consumer of fine

    > spirits)

    > Language Arts Assessment Assistance, two winners,

    > teachers only..$300.00

    > (Donated by Mary Barrett, Assessment Diva)

    > Dinner for eight with Robert Burns, A "Burn's

    > Supper"$600.00

    > (Donated by Karl Goldstein, aka Robert Burns, and

    > Susan Moon)*

    > *This prize may be bought outright by the highest

    > bidder!!


    > This lucky winner will receive this prize when in

    > NYC:

    > Two full verses of "Danny Boy" sung aloud while the

    > singer slowly*  $Priceless

    >  (Donated by Joe Barrett, Irish Tenor/Actor)

    > *(full disclosure of prize to winner)


    > Other prizes may be added to this list.