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The Chris Chandler Show

  • I Have NOT Retired

    I did not retire. I have quit, after 2 years of living in the overflowing ashtray that is Chris Chandler's life. He bills himself as an American Storyteller. He is a storyteller, in the tradition of George W Bush, a man who having told so many lies to himself and others over the years, believes his lies to be true tales.
    Here is the rest of the story.
    On Mardi Gras Day, Chandler sexually assaulted, or at least took advantage of a young girl who was so drunk; she had just puked and was barely able to stand. Chandler was supposed to be watching out for her safety. Instead, he had her against a wall, his tongue down her throat, and his hand up her dress.
    When we pulled him off the child, he tried to hit me, and gave me a look that was so frightening; I can't look him in the eye anymore.
    He said that she led him on, that drink had clouded his judgment, and swore that he would give up drinking and asked for my forgiveness. He never tried to apologize to the young lady.
    As has happened many times before, with Chandler, as with so many alcoholics, he made it through one hung over Ash Wednesday before resuming his drinking at the Folk Alliance on Thursday.
    Before we hit the road, Chandler borrowed money from his brother to press 1000 copies of our new album and to pay the royalties for the copyrighted material. I don't know where the money went, but we pressed 100 albums and the royalty paperwork has not even been filed, let alone paid. In fact, he still owes Harry Fox royalties for the last album.
    In Memphis, he borrowed more money from a friend and when he told his buddy he had been doing recovery work in New Orleans, the friend just gave him the money. The only work Chandler did in New Orleans was on the home of his friends, with whom he was staying. Nice, but not the noble cause he led the friend to believe.
    For two years I have heard him tell audiences that he lives on the road in the van and does 2-300 shows a year and attends many protests. Just check out his website. Its just more lies coming from a man who lives in a basement apartment in a suburban tract development.
    My own shame comes from having aided and abetted his drinking and using of people. As long as I felt that the good his show might do for the causes of peace and justice and my bottom line outweighed his personal problems. Besides, I have my own failings and problems in the world of substance abuse, and it is hard for me to call someone on their kettle when my pot is so blackened.
    My hope is that he will get help, clean up his act, and live the life he preaches. Until then, I can only send this warning to the next ex-Chandlerette.
    Again, I have not retired. I am ready willing and able to play, record, produce and travel. I will be at Okeedokee Acres for a while, and look forward to hearing from you.
    I am sorry to have to air this filthy laundry in public, but responses I received from his mailing required my answer.
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