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    Convenience Store Troubadours

    Convenience Store Troubadours


    The band "Avoiding Godot" which consisted of Samantha Parton (Be Good Tanyas) David Rovics & Oliver Steck (Slaid Cleaves Band) broke up right after making this album in New York City.  The name of the band was dropped and the collection of magnificent collages called CST was released.

    Song List
    1. Breakfast Serial Killers
    2. Blood To Wine
    3. Thriftstore Diva (The Moon)
    4. Sex/Let's Do It
    5. Last Thoughts On Elvis Presley
    6. Carnivals
    7. You're So Mundane
    8. Sofas And #2 Pencils
    9. Innocence
    10. Wild Mountain Thyme/Song
    11. Angry Young Man
    12. Breakfast Serial Killers - (radio edit)

    What would Phil Ochs be like if he'd been a young man in the '90s, influenced by Jello Biafra and Linton Kwesi Johnson instead of Elvis and Bob Dylan? Probably a lot like Chris Chandler. The New England-based singer/songwriter expands his horizons on his third album, adding a full band to his formerly solo sound but retaining the half-spoken, half-sung style that first brought him to attention.

    "Last Thoughts on Elvis Presley," recasting the singer as a symbol of cultural decay, sounds greatly influenced by Greil Marcus' book DEAD ELVIS, but is nonetheless powerful. "Breakfast Serial Killers," which brackets the album in its original version and a cleaned-up radio edit, is more thoughtful than the silly pun of the title would suggest. However, the high point is "Sex," which juxtaposes a thoughtful and cutting analysis of moralistic views of sexuality with a knife-sharp rendition of Cole Porter's "Let's Do It."

    • David Seitz Producer

    Album Credits

    Samanth Parton - Guitar, Vocals

    David Rovics - Guitar, Vocals

    Oliver Steck - Everything!

    David Roe - Piano, Guitar

    Dan Bern, Contributing Artist

    Gideon Freudmann, Contributing Artist

    Hamell On Trial, Contributing Artist

    Hugh Blumenfeld, Contributing Artist

    Neal Thomas, Contributing Artist

    David Seitz, Producer

    Most of these pieces would not be possible with out the contributions of genius writer Phil Rockstroh

    Album Notes

    Personnel includes: Chris Chandler, Gideon Freudmann, Neal Thomas, Hugh Blumenfeld, Dan Bern, Hamell On Trial.