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    Don't Go Back to Sleep

    COMING MAY 2022

    Out May 13 2022

    NEW ALBUM! Don't Go Back to Sleep


    NEW ALBUM! Don't Go Back to Sleep

    This will be the fourth album from Chris Chandler and Paul Benoit. After a two year hybernation and incubation, we are thrilled to release a new crop of Chandler / Benoit collages.

    Never before heard (that in itself is new) material.

    If you would like to contribute to the production costs of this album you can do it here:

    Click Here: I want to Help with this new Album!

    1. Meek Rising / Don’t Go Back to Sleep
    “The illiterate quote the ignorant.”

    Grace Park: Vocals
    Rebeca Young: bass
    Ron Weinstein: Piano
    Dan Weber: Drums
    Jordan Feinstein: Organ

    2. Hive Mind / Seven Years
    “The universe is simultaneously expanding and contracting.
    The hive brain is massive, all encompassing, growing.
    Yet, our own brain is shrinking.”

    Sean Divine: Vocals, Harmonica
    Paul Benoit: Bass
    Dan Weber: Drums

    3. Wishes and Beggars / Elevator Ring

    Some come in with the tide.
    Others sail forever on the same horizon,
    never out of sight, their dreams heckled by Time.

    Jesse Dalton: Bass
    Grace Park: Vocals
    Will Dowd: Drums
    Jordan Feinstein: Organ

    4. Reign / Little Rays of Sunshine

    “A King’s crown is just a hat, with a hole in it, that lets the rain in.”

    Dan Weber: Drums

    5. The Road Map of America / Lost Days Long Nights

    “The road-map that is America unfolding ahead of me
    from God’s own glove compartment.”

    Sean Divine: Vocals
    Rebecca Young: Bass
    Hugh Sutton: Accordion
    Dan Webber: Drums
    Organ: Ron Weinstein

    6. Hypothetical Reality / King’s Dream

    “There is no God or forever, and for that, I thank God, forever!”

    Grace Park: Vocals
    Jesse Dalton: Bass
    Noah Jeffreys: Violin, Mandolin

    7. Doors / Plain to See

    “But, I wasn’t entering. I was exiting.”

    Grace Park: Vocals
    Noah Jeffries: Violin, Mandolin
    Jesse Dalton: Bass
    Will Dowd: Drums

    8. The I’s of Evil / Antichrist

    “Hell has always been at the center of the earth, however, the earth's core is now hollow and hell is emptiness.”

    Grace Park: Vocals
    Jesse Dalton: Bass, Keyboards
    Will Dowd: Drums
    Oliver Steck: Trumpet