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The Chris Chandler Show

  • Down is the New Up/ There’s No Fallin’ (7:18)

    jello wrestle your demons
    by chris chandler

    If a ghost can walk through walls - why doesn’t he fall through the floor?

    I was thinking about this when I felt myself being stared at... the Abyss.

    This made me realize, I was on the edge of something really big... standing upon a great precipice - and that is probably not the best moment to put your best foot forward.

    Because whenever I look over the edge and my life flashed before my eyes - I would jump - perhaps screaming. “ If we don’t fall we ...will ...never ...rise ...again!”

    No, I don’t want to jump to conclusions - perhaps I’ll jump-rope to conclusions.... but I am not taking a leap of faith that doesn’t involve a parachute.

    I mean. I like the metaphor of hell being beneath us -- because the world is round. It’s like I’ve always said, “If you’re going through hell - keep going.” Down is the new up. Once you get to hell you can push through it - Sometimes, Ya gotta go down there and wrestle those demons - Hell, ya gotta jello wrestle your demons - and when you do - you’ll come out on the other side - wondering why every one is speaking in Australian accent. The world is round after all.

    This is why I think the Republican party would have the perfect candidate - Mit Romney - I guy whose personal income outweighs the net worth of the right wing whackos he’s kissing up to by going down on Donlad Trump.

    Now, the ultra rich - in truth - could really care less about any of this whako conservative agenda:

    * Eliminating a woman’s right to choose.... no, that’s not far enough - let’s ban contraception altogether... lets even ban embryonic stem-cell research - Hell - let’s legislate that life begins at conception which would mean...
    ...I’m not really a capricorn - I must be an Aires... but I digress.

    * The only reason the rich have to be against abortion - is that poor people having babies assures them a cheap labor pool. I mean, I’m sure the overseer was pro life.

    * And while we are at it, the ultra rich don’t really give a rat’s rectum about gay marriage either - largely because they don’t give a rat’s rectum about gay people. A few years back - having a gay son or daughter might have effected some status at the country club - but not so much any more. In fact, the rich would rather relax marriage laws in general so they can abandon wives willy nilly leaving them with nothing depending on the mood of their mistress.

    * Not only that, the rich don’t give a flying firetruck about the right to bear arms. In fact they would rather the poor not have guns. I mean, without government (which is what they really want) the poor are their only real threat to power. If I were rich I wouldn’t want us armed.

    * Nor do they really give a wooden nickel (an oxymoron by-the-way) about illegal immigration - you would think they would be for it because “those people” work cheap - but the truth is they can afford to move their factories to poor countries. They don’t need the cheap labor to be here. They just need it to be somewhere.

    They don’t even care how much the government spends on the nation’s needy - as long as they aren’t paying anything. They would rather the poor pay them to live in company housing building munitions that they sell to the government.

    * No self respecting billionaire cares about this recent pabulum about “de-separating” church and state. Sure some churches have money, but not that kind of money - and we all know giving money to the church doesn't make you a good person any more than buying tickets to the game makes you a third-baseman. What the church offers to the rich is - people.

    The only thing in the world the 1% does not have is people - 99% of us to be exact. In short, as long as there is something resembling a government, they need a large number of people to support them. So they will say anything to us to stay in power. The rich don’t NEED to care about any social issues - they don’t LIVE in society. They have their own police force - their own schools, their own hospitals - soon they will have their own military. I am not afraid of Iran getting the bomb. I am afraid of Exxon getting the bomb.

    They just support whatever they think the majority of the impotent insolvent will vote for. This is why they need Tea-Cup Poodles like Rick Santorum who can shift the limp moral compass of the masses so they think they are taking the high road.

    Walk softly and carry a big carrot (which is of course attached to a big stick.)

    But my friends, that kind of a high road...
    ...will lead you off a cliff.

    I picture Rick Santorum with that carrot and stick leading the masses like asses up the high road and then dangling it off the edge. Mitt Romney at the bottom boasting of all the jobs he is creating down at at the mortuary.

    As for you Barack Obama, Congratulations on your second Term - and Now that you have that behind you - may you become the man the right wing says you are.

    But personally, I’ll stick to the low roads, because storytelling is the art of telling truth with lies.

    That high road the others claim to be on is simply a lie.

    Down here... I don’t have to worry about falling off a cliff - because like I’ve always said - if you think there is a cutting edge - than you ain’t on it.

    Which is why I don’t think this is that “edgy” of a thought...

    ...if the rich can cross the lines between right and wrong like ghosts walk through walls - maybe it is time they also fell through the floor. Maybe the will go straight to hell - and maybe - just maybe - they will come out on the other side.


    "No, actually the children of the rich will inherit the earth." - Chandler

    Chris Chandler / Paul Benoit
    Ninth Wave Publishing / Zebadiah Music

    Chandler: Spoken Word
    Paul Benoit: Guitar, Vocals, Bass
    Additional Vocals: Janne Jacobson
    Recorded at Casa Tortuga, El Salvadore by William Blackstone
    Edited at 31st Ave Sound by Jakael Tristam Mixed and mastered at Lost and Found by Blake Harking
    Chandler recorded at The Monkey House by Ira Marlowe