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The Chris Chandler Show

  • Matter/ Float Away (8:36)


    Chris Chandler

    I looked past the curvature of the earth into the heavens and the myriad of stars and galaxies and planets all swirling expanding and contracting just beyond the dust on my windshield - and I shouted up to God himself, "I MATTER!" 

And God responded, "Why, yes.
    Yes you are."
    and at that point I realized I really am one with God - only - once you become one with God do you then have to pray to yourself?
    I hope not because - i’m the kind of rebel that thinks on those rare occasions when ever I am in charge - i feel a need to question myself.
    Question authority? I find myself looking in the mirror shouting, “Don’t let ME tell me what to do!”
    Personally, I always thought that what the bible meant when it said we were created in God’s Image is that he created us while looking in the mirror and there fore did it all backwards... explains a lot...
    Thats what I don’t get - God made us in his image yet he made all of different - everyone is different, well except for (Insert)
    it's all one big Merry Go Round...

    the days, the years, the seasons - they go round...
    we wave to our parents as we pass...
    they wave back...
    and then they are gone -
    we see people on their high horse... a brass ring just out of reach... they reach - and down they go again... the band has been replaced by a calliope that makes "Entrance of the Gladiators" sound like "Pop Goes the Weasel..." no one seems to mind... and in the end we wind up right back where we started.
    Sometimes we dream - sometimes we dream big - which is why I rolled over this morning and mashed the snooze button saying, "I must keep the dream alive."
    In the dream - there was traffic. Lots of traffic. and on the other side of the road there was this chicken taunting me - saying “Who are you to question my motives?”
    I started to cross the street - and then changed my mind wondering if I was as indecisive as I used to be...
    and I found myself taunting the chicken...
    Just because I changed my mind doesn’t mean I’m Not Still Right!
    and the chicken taunted back...
    It was the rooster that came first!

    and the reason I did not cross the road...
    ... was I wanted to go down it...
    Goin’ Down TheRoad Feelin’ Bad
    with a rubber chicken hanging from my windshield...
    I don’t know about you but...
    I would rather hang with someone who is looking for answers than someone who has found them.
    And whether or not I have ever found any answers I do not remember.
    Having a bad memory s the only thing that gives me a clear conscious.
    Sometimes my conscious bothers me - but my conscious is just another one of those voices in my head - like God - Yet, just because I’m pretty sure the voices in my head aren’t real doesn’t mean I shouldn’t listen to them.
    I mean, I listen to the news and I am pretty sure that isn’t real.
    The voices is in our head may be all we have - sure, God created the stars, but who created the constellations?
    Who sat beneath the stars and told a story -as someone else listened and painted the the pictures in the sky. and those images stayed in his head till he caried them to a cave and painted it.

    and some one else saw the picture - and told another story - and every picture tells a thousand stories and every story paints a thousand pictures - you do the math...
    ... count the stars...
    and the math distills the story down to another picture - which is totally abstract - and the universe becomes a Jackson Paulick - and god is up there randomly spilling paint... throwing paint - carefully placing tight detailed lines drawing an arrow to a thought - and the thought is boiled down to a haiku:
    Haiku are obscure
/Often hard to understand
    There is a truth...... and that truth is...
    The power of good is greater than the power of evil - just not by very much.
    it is a struggle - the future is - and it can be predicted - because what is ahead of us depends upon what is inside of us


    Matter by Chris Chandler

    Float Away by Paul Benoit

    Matter by Chris Chandler

    Float Away by Paul Benoit