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The Chris Chandler Show

  • Hypothetical Reality / King’s Dream (4:50)

    Hypothetical Reality / King’s Dream
    Chris Chandler / Paul Benoit

    Those that do remember the past are condemned to watch everyone-else repeat it.

    Shine Your Light
    Burnin’ bright
    You got that golden beam

    I’m Alright
    Not too tight
    It’s just the king’s dream

    It was Plato that said,
    "Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom."

    I was thinking that knowing my self
    only justifies my persecution complex.

    My persecution complex
    comes from the fact that I am a performer,
    and vicariously hang out with performers....

    and frankly,
    I am sick of all these people with their massive egos
    who have no interest in "ME!"

    They look at me as if I have failed... but I say,
    “No! I am the grand discoverer
    of a new way that does not work....

    Someone should make a plaque.”

    Poison heart
    Don’t You Start
    Don’t you poison me
    Made you jump
    Got my bump
    I got my harmony

    I mean to me, the definition of insanity is
    trying the same thing
    over and over again
    and actually GETTING different results.

    Like... take the wheel...
    They say it was humankind's greatest invention.
    But I say,
    "It was not the wheel. It was the axel!”

    Even that idea was once feared.

    Can you imagine the first guy to be walkin’ thru the woods and seein’ some kid - and it was definitely a kid - pushin’ something on a cart”
    Him lookin’ over to his friend, and saying,
    “Danged Kids today - why back in our day just picked heavy stuff up and carried it.”

    Thunder Rockin’
    Lightnin’ Hopkins
    Fever Breakin
    No mistakin’

    'Cause... if ya think about it...
    All the scientific facts that we know on this earth to be true...were once taboo.

    Every single human invention was once thought to be popy-cock.

    All human discoveries were at some time considered
    a threat to some doctrine,
    some dogma... somewhere.

    Any artistic achievement was once smeared as vice.

    In fact... All human progress,
    has come about because someone
    at sometime
    refused to bow to Authority.
    But, instead bowed to a higher force...
    The unstoppable force of ideas.

    My friends, we could not have come out of the trees...
    ...hell we could not have gone INTO the trees...
    hell, we could not have even crawled out of the primordial ooze...
    if it were not for the insubordination and obstinance of the rebellious idea.

    Long and black
    I’m gonna drive it back

    Hold the door
    back for more
    Gonna Fill that Sack

    Sometimes, I am afraid to be rebellious...
    I was afraid to face my fears...
    So I turned my back on them.

    We are all have to face the fact hat we are not going to live forever...
    And that is good...

    I don't want to live for ever...
    I want to build a world that will live forever!

    That, is the truth I seek.
    I love those who seek truth.
    That's my peeps.
    Those of us who seek the truth
    are usually afraid of anyone
    that says they know the truth.

    After-all, One single daydream can change a million realities.

    I want to dream a new reality....
    For there is no other way to create a new reality...
    Than to dream.
    I say, “When life feels like a nightmare...
    Wake up and take a nap... Dream.”

    I was lifting
    I was shifting

    Be my teller
    in bad weather

    And remember...
    No one created this world....
    Except for you and me...
    The bible was misinterpreted...

    The world was not created in 6 days.
    In fact it was not created at all...
    Because, it is still being created...

    And not in 6 days...
    In 3.

    Yesterday is gone...
    we will never see...

    Leaving us today...
    So we better get busy...
    'cause all we got is this one short life
    in which
    we can walk upon the earth
    and stare into the clouds
    and imagine
    the world's glorious design...

    For your imagination
    the world’s glorious design.

    For there is no God...
    Or forever...

    And for that...

    I thank God,