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The Chris Chandler Show

  • Doors / Plain to See (5:19)

    Doors / Plain to See
    Chris Chandler / Paul Benoit

    It was a grocery store parking lot, in Toronto I think.

    There were four lanes of heavy traffic zooming past the intersection…

    I saw a break in the traffic…

    or at least I considered it a break…

    I gunned it to through the sound of car horns, screeching car tires, skidding breaks and the sight of normally polite Canadians uncharacteristically giving me the finger, not to mention the sound of an irate Anne Feeney screaming… “Didn’t you see that sign?”

    “Which sign?”

    “The one that clearly said ‘DO NOT ENTER’”

    “Yes, I saw it.”

    “But you decided to do it anyway?”

    “What do you mean? I wasn’t entering I was exiting.”

    I built a house in my head,
    Gonna live there till I’m Dead
    With all the books I read

    I hung My heart in the Trees
    I don’t care who sees
    Don’t Mean a thing to me

    Every entrance way is an exit and every exit is an entrance.

    It is the opening of the door that is the key, not the key that opens the door.
    And once you go through that door – neither you nor the world you have entered will ever be the same.

    You will indeed be wiser but somehow less confident, happier, humbler, filled with regret, remorse, yet better equipped to understand the boundless mysteries that lie ahead.

    I know I’m bad and then I’m good
    try to do the things I should
    then I knock on wood
    I can’t remember where I been
    but I count up all my sins
    and the lines are on my skin

    There are those that walk through this life pointing out the doors we can go through… the ones that hold the door open… the literal doormen of the unconscious… The ones checking IDs or ids… no ego. Holding the door open and collecting the universal cover-charge.

    Some doors open and close like seasons that lead the way to new horizons and time zones.

    The doors of life are painful for what you are to become is a process of shedding what you have been.

    Isn’t it beautiful;
    Isn’t it mystical
    Isn’t it plain to see

    That is why Halloween is about listening for your own doors to be rapped upon and then handing out rewards to the ones that haunt you the most. Conversely, It is not about finding the right costume… It is about dreaming of what you might be come and then acting upon it, and then rapping upon the doors of strangers for the sole purpose of being rewarded for your efforts.

    I’m just a dog in the grass
    I toil and let the time pass
    I’m Sleeping later in my bed
    so I can’t forget the dumb things that i said

    I always ask my fellow commuters along the toll road of perpetuity “What broke your heart so bad that you had to close every door, and never fixed the doorbell?”

    One kind word can grant you the heavens, for it is a kind word, and a kind word alone that will open the doors you truly want opened. Those doors are attached to the walls which are attached to the floor which actually is the ground upon which we walk.

    I’m getting older but I’m Young
    it Don’t matter what I sung
    some times I just hum

    Isn’t it beautiful;
    Isn’t it mystical
    Isn’t it plain to see

    Isn’t it beautiful;
    Isn’t it mystical
    Isn’t it plain to see

    Be an opener of doors.

    Prove that Chivalry is not dead…

    And by doing so… You will be next contestant on

    “The Life is Right.”

    And you will have the power to show us all what is behind door #1.