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The Chris Chandler Show

  • The I’s of Evil / Antichrist (6:45)

    The I's of Evil / Antichrist
    Chris Chandler and Stephon Moody / Paul Benoit

    If you look into the eyes of evil
    and do not see yourself in its reflection,
    you have not really looked.

    I am the antichrist
    nobody loves me
    Nobody cares

    We've willfully walked down the spiral
    into a hell of our own making.

    Let us make it be for a reason.

    Let us make it be for the purpose of looking into the eyes of evil,
    So that we may see our own reflection.

    It would be a disservice to forget that
    our own self righteous stances
    are always mirrored in the eyes of another.

    I don’t wanna complain
    it’s so boring
    but what else can I do/
    I am the antichrist

    Our core values
    have been exposed
    leaving a hollow foundation
    longing to be filled
    - and is being filled -
    but filled only with a vacuum
    sucking more emptiness and divisiveness.
    The vacant core expands.

    Hell has always been at the center of the earth,
    however, the earth's core is now hollow and
    hell is emptiness.

    No amount of finger pointing is going to get us out.
    Unless, our finger are pointed at ourselves.

    Real eyes, realize, real lies.

    Come on Come on Come on and love Somebody
    Come on Come on Come on and love Somebody
    Come on Come on Come on and love Somebody, Now.

    The only time
    I feel like I am beginning to extricate myself
    from this nightmare
    is when I honestly feel like I love someone,
    more than I disagree with them.

    I truly believe,
    there is something deeper going on here

    As William Butler Yates wrote,
    "Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold.
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is loosed,
    and everywhere the ceremony of innocence is lost.
    The best lack all conviction,
    while the worst are filled with passionate intensity."

    I’m gonna blame it on my father
    he never loved me
    he never cared

    A nation founded on genocide and slavery
    that also touts itself as the freest on earth
    is a lie that we have all been living.

    The centre cannot hold.

    Both parties are complicit.

    The centre cannot hold.

    The lesser of two evils,
    leaves us only with the evil of two lessers.

    The centre cannot hold.

    Our work
    is more important than just getting
    the left or right in office again.

    It's all of us revamping our assumptions
    and seeing people as being more
    than whatever ideological category they fit in,
    perpetuating the falsely constructed
    binary confines
    of the computer age....

    Come on Come on Come on and love Somebody

    If you sew the seeds for paradise
    i’m gonna dig them up ‘cause I’m the Anti Christ

    Black, white; democrat, republican; male, female;
    gay, straight;
    mask, no mask; nonviolent, violent,
    stand, kneel;
    American League, National League.

    ...perpetuating the falsely constructed
    binary confines
    of the computer age
    onto an increasingly - obviously - non-binary world.

    We've been conditioned to do this by the capitalist media  
    (which literally depends on these binary controversies to ensure it's own continuance)

    Once, media depended upon the dollars of the solvent
    to purchase ads catered to the solvent,
    as they peddled points of view
    that aligned with the solvent.

    The centre cannot hold.

    But today,
    Media depends upon the micro pennies of the insolvent
    to purchase click bait
    by peddling binary battles to the broke and bankrupt.

    The centre cannot hold.

    If you have a point of view,
    you can find someone to further it,
    and listen only to them.

    The centre cannot hold.

    While this may seem like a completely absurd situation,
    it perfectly mirrors the complete impotence of both parties,
    and sadly reveals the emptiness at the center of the American Dream,

    The centre cannot hold.

    We have been trying to fill the emptiness
    at the core of the American Dream
    with materialism,
    Hallmark holidays,
    Sports, and endless info-tainment,
    which has become a romanesque spectacle,
    complete with music critics
    selling click-bait
    as they debate
    with vicious vulgar vigor  
    the finer points
    of Nero's fiddle playing.