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  • Chris Chandler'e Muse and Whirled Retort Novmber 2009

    Muse and Whirled Retort - October 2009
    T.H.E. .M.U.S.E. .A.N.D. .W.H.I.R.L.E.D. .RE.T.O.R.T
    November 02, 2009
    Vol. XI issue ii
    New Orleans, LA


    Wait --- Wait --- Wait just a second here. We MUST have a sec for a rare but still important crass commercial announcement. It is from our sponsor ,um, me.


    Ya see, it is done! The new CD is finished. It is named after the first thing ya say to a hitchhiker: "So, Where Ya Headed?"

    The whole CD seems to be a conversation with a stranger about the road and the places it takes you.  Paul Benoit seems to play the part of an amazing radio station that just keeps picking the right tune.

    I have posted a new video for it on my home page:

    It is fully recorded and mixed and wow, does it sound good. My best studio effort in years!

    All due to Paul Benoit Paul-Benoit-Music. He is nothing short of a world class slide, roots and Americana guitar player living in Seattle, El Salvador and Paris. He both accompanies on and produced this new record, "So, Where Ya Headed?"

    This is my best studio effort in years!

    The easiest way is to get it through CD Baby.
    or you can do it through pay pal here:  

    then I will snail mail it to you.

    Chris Chandler's Virtual Tip Jar on my home page
    The other is to send a check or money order to:

    Chris Chandler
    3128 Memory Lane
    Silver Spring, MD 20904
    I know it is a day late but I am in New Orleans and considering the pace at which the city runs a day late is pretty good.
    Last night at about 3 AM under a full moon – on all saints day, I heard a terrific band – just going on stage for their first set of the evening.  It occurred to me – that even with the the time zone difference on the west coast – it is likely that there was not a better band on stage at that moment anywhere in the country.  I bought their CD.  I could not afford it.

    T.H.E. .M.U.S.E. .A.N.D. .W.H.I.R.L.E.D. .RE.T.O.R.T
    October 01, 2009
    Vol. XI issue i
    New Orleans

    The Wizard of Colorado

    I was dreaming,
    I was flying,
    I am out of control.

    The earth was shifting,
    and tilting,
    I have to hold on.

    Over mountains,
    past the Wizard of Oz.

    To where wild things,
    and Zombies,
    will sit at my feet.

    The shapes of rivers,
    and maps,
    and baseball diamonds.

    I am going,
    to a land,
    with no TV cameras.

    Eat hot-dogs,
    drive racecars
    With the crown heads of Europe.

    But it's hot,
    and it's lonely,
    it's so dark in here.

    We have built this,
    my father,
    my father and me.

    It is mine now.
    I can fly now.
    I am over the sea.

    I was flying.
    I was a pilot.
    I am on my own show.

    flying saucer,
    it is dark in the clouds.

    I can fly now.
    Only I can,
    For they are too big.

    All the people
    They look
    like ants down there.

    I hear footsteps,
    up the stairs,
    They are calling for me.

    It is dark now,
    getting darker,
    they are shining on me.

    All the cameras,
    and lights,
    I did it for the show.

    In a silver,
    flying saucer,
    I have hold on.

    On TV now.
    I am dreaming,
    They are out of control

    There is no place like home.
    There is no place like home,
    including home.

    The new CD is here.
    Please buy one:

    Paul and I are looking for a place to stay in Austin with one or preferably two rooms on Wed, Friday and Saturday.

    and the same in Houston on Sunday.

    One room and floor space for a second person OK

    Paul Benoit and I are looking for some dates in the pacific NW in late February – Early March.  Get your requests in now.

    Shirley Myers, Anne Feeney, Michelle Sellers, Joe and Jay, EEQ, Event Tech, Tech Rentals, Pat Barnes, Priscilla, Brad,  Red Emma's, George Mann, TJim and Doodles Brann, Rod Decay, Ron Goad, Danny Dolinger, Christina Wolf, Celene de Loach, Eddie Owens, The Chandlers,  Eddie's Attic, Jen Delyth, Fishman, Dave and Candy, Gloria Holloway and friends, Alexis, Nick J Annis, Ellen Buckstell, Brian Wofshon, WSLR, Dave and Arlene, Bob Connors, Jen Smith, Kat, Joe Courter, Jenny Brown, The Civic Media Center,  Martha-Lee Bohn, Drunah NOLA, Jessica Radcliff, and of course Paul Benoit.  
    Heres Da Dates

    Chris Chandler Upcoming Events:
    Thursday, November 5th, 2009
    House Concert
    At the Home of Amy Sue Berlin
    San Marcos, TX

    Friday, November 6th, 2009
    MC and Featured act Project Chumbo First Friday
    Ruta Maya
    3601S Congress (behind x-pose)
    Austin, TX

    Saturday, November 7th, 2009 8 pm
    House Concert
    at the home of Emily Graves
    2707 Richcreek Rd
    Austin, TX 78757
    RSVP preferred:              512.371.7034 or emily

    Sunday, November 8th, 2009 7pm
    early show
    Dan Electros Guitar Bar
    1031 E. 24th
    Houston, TX
    phone:               713-862-8707         713-862-8707

    November 18
    Atlanta, GA
    The Eye Drum
    As part of the SOAW fund raiser

    November 19 - 21
    Columbus, GA
    Fort Benning