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  • Muse and Whirled Retort Archives 2007

    The Muse and Whirled Retort - November, 2007

    T.H.E. .M.U.S.E. .A.N.D. .W.H.I.R.L.E.D. .R.E.T.O.R.T.

    November 1, 2007

    Volume IX Issue ii

    Silver Spring, MD

    Well… at least the war is going well.  I mean, the one on the environment.  

    This month wildfires have raged in southern California sending more than a million refugees scurrying.  Those that could not escape briefly held up at Qualcomm stadium bringing back comparisons to Hurricane Katrina.  Personally, I think the differences are well… black and white.

    But there is one obvious comparison that needs to be made.  

    They were both manmade disasters

    Many chimed in immediately that you can not compare arsenic to hemlock.  

    I say, in this instance you can.  One arson, the other murder.

    However, when a sick arsonist in the richest city in America destroys mansions, millions of dollars in rewards and the entire weight of the federal government comes down upon the perpetrators.  But, in the poorest city in America, if thousands of poor people die, their shotgun shacks destroyed no one posts a reward for the killer.  Sorry, It needed to be said.

    No one pays attention to the studies both before and after the disaster showing the levies criminal neglect.  Murder.

    When the richest city in America faces a crisis, George Bush doesn't even bother to finish his golf game before he darts out comparing Orleans and Oranges.  Patting himself and FEMA on the back.  I think every time he speaks he makes Arnold Schwarzenegger look down right presidential.  

    New FEMA director Paulison said Katrina "was a wake-up call" and that "this is a new FEMA."  Ya see we really can do things right… if you are rich white and republican.

    Many ask is there a lesson learned?  Well, yes.

    Please, don't get me wrong here.  I feel for those who lost their property and the families of those that lost their leves and I am sure we all realize that there were significantly different challenges in the fire zone than in the Gulf Coast.

    Thank you to the fire fighters and volunteers.

    There are countless examples of how these two catastrophes cannot be compared. The fires aren't covering every square foot of the region, as Katrina did. The devastation in California is intense but not universal.   On the other hand, you can wade through, swim through, fly over or sail across water.

    The military seems to have better luck dealing with fire.  During and immediately after Katrina, the destruction was so complete that relief personnel and supplies -- even the U.S. Army -- could not get within miles of the disaster's epicenter, New Orleans' Lower Ninth Ward, for several days. Perhaps they should have called the Navy.  

    Victims in California are not stranded on rooftops without food or drinkable water, but are able to hop in their SUV and travel the relatively short distances to safe places.

    Don't mess with Mother Nature?  Not unless you can afford to take her to a nice place.  Get her a little drunk.  I hear she's easy.

    Yes, there are countless ways the two can not be compared – but a few in which they can.

    I don't think you will find too many that will argue that you will be able to buy a plastic plate of lemon grass noodles and a Styrofoam bowl of Pho in the food court of that shopping mall that burned in suburban San Diego before there levies are rebuilt in New Orleans.

    Hell, I bet the entire old growth forest will grow back before that happens.