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    The Muse and Whirled Retort February 2007

    The new CD American Storyteller Vols 3 & 4 is Here!

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    January 31, 2007  Volume VIII Issue iv

    T.A.B.L.E. .O.F. .C.O.N.T.E.N.T.S.


    1. Brand new stuff for February
    2. How to get stuff
    3. Greetings and quick run down of recent past and the near future
    4. The Muse and Whirled Retort
    5. Announcements
    6. "Thank You!"
    7. Dates

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    BRAND NEW for January 2007:




    We have created another double CD with  

    fabulous special guests, bonus features, and of course includes all  

    the new material from the past year or so as well as a few most  

    requested favorites!

    If you would like to order a copy:

    I have put up one of the new songs on myspace.  Give A Listen: Letters

    We have just gotten the CD and thank you to those of you who have ordered advance copies — I will get those in the mail ASAP sorry — We are a 2 person operation and sometimes I get a little behind.

    Enough of the crass commercial announcements. Lets get to the news.


    1. Welcome to the news letter - It's that time of the month again...
    Biggest news this month:

    The new CD!

    We are booking as we go on this tour across the country and we need  

    you help. Check the dates for details. You can also view our calendar at: and Chandler Gigs


    1. And now...

    T.H.E. .M.U.S.E. .A.N.D. .W.H.I.R.L.E.D. .R.E.T.O.R.T.

    The Muse and Whirled Retort

    January 31, 2007

    Volume VIII Issue iv

    Phoenix, AZ

    This will be brief — we are covering some ground and I have not had two minutes to rub together and make an hour.  Since 2007 started we have been living the Johnny Cash song "I've Been Everywhere, Man." We have been from Washington, DC to Indianapolis, Columbia, MO, to St Louis, THEN Insert the lyrics to route 66 here.

    Bakersfield, Palo Alto, Williams, OR, Salem, OR, Tacoma, Port Townsend, Seattle, Bellingham, Victoria, Vancouver, Olympia, Salem, Portland, Eugene, Bandon, OR, Ashland, OR, Nevada City, CA, Garborville, San Francisco, Freedom, CA, Berkeley, Santa Cruz, and now, Phoenix.  As soon as I hit send on this letter we go boogidy shoot to Texas!

    The second leg of our Winter "American Storyteller Tour" has begun.

    We are soooo looking forward to returning to Texas.

    I don't usually talk about the boring day to day of the road in this news letter — and God Knows there is plenty going on out there — MAJOR anti war demonstrations, a new Congress cowering and shaking in the corner while George "Chucky" Bush wields a meat cleaver as he gives the State of the Union Address, reminding us that Louisiana is not a state in the Union.

    It is tiring. But so is working a 9-5.  

    Some would think — "hey, why don't you get a job."  I am thinking — "I could use the vacation."

    It has always been a big deal to me to make it to 20 years on the road — and I am fast approaching that milestone, as Pete Seeger turns 88, and I realize how short 20 years is.  I think back to 20 years ago.  I had graduated art school (Yes, I wore a black beret and a turtle neck — I am still recovering.)  

    I went on the road to audition in theatres to be a Lighting Designer.  To pay for my trip I stood on street corners and delivered monologues with an open cigar box.  Needless to say, people gave me a wide berth as if I were muttering to myself.  Drastic measures must be taken.  I bought a guitar.  I could not play the guitar, but I had grown up on the music of Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie.  Hell, their songs only have 3 chords.  How hard could it be?

    Well, I got the guitar and stood on the corner and strummed it while delivering the same monologues.  It made all the difference.  Didn't matter that I didn't know how to sing or play — I was a folk singer! Like Pete Seeger.  People started gathering around my street corners to listen to my little "folk songs."

    After about just 6 months of this, I was over it.  I was tired.  Living in a Volkswagen, staying in homeless shelters, writing, always writing.  But burnt.  Ready to give up and get a job.

    I had picked up a hitch hiker in Philadelphia who told me about something called The People's Music Network — a gathering of people who performed political Folk songs.  I decided it would be my last Hoorah.  I would go this event.

    Because I was a "first timer" I was given a slot to perform in their Saturday night concert.  "WOW," I thought, "What a way to go out — performing for the first time on a big stage."

    My friends, the WORST thing that can happen to a young performed did.  

    I got a standing ovation for a song called "Watergate Generation."It was like John Elway announcing his retirement after winning the Super Bowl.  OK, maybe not — but it felt like that.  I imagined myself at the podium giving a tearful retirement speech among confetti and flash bulbs as I absorbed my last and first real applause.

    Instead I exited the stage to an empty green room.

    I put my guitar into the case thinking — well that's it — gainful employment here I come."  As I slung the case over my shoulder to head for my car the door slung open.  The light from the auditorium pierced the darkness, and there standing in perfect silhouette, was Pete Seeger himself.

    He hugged me and told me how important what I was doing was and I had to keep doing it.

    And now, 20 years later, here I am working with David Roe, whose first concert experience ever, was Pete Seeger and friends.  At age 6, he toddled to the stage and asked him to play "The Foolish Frog."  Pete obliged. The show ended in a standing ovation and DR asking what the word "Encore" meant. DR was hooked. He wanted to sing those songs, hear the word encore shouted and watch the rafters shake.  Thirty years later on down the road David can still play, "The Foolish Frog."

    In the 70's, at the Cleawater Festival David had the opportunity to tell Mr Seeger how much his work had meant to him and how it made him be a folk singer.  

    Pete just turned on his heels and said, "Don't blame me."

    But I do.  And I know countless people who can tell similar tales oh how much Pete's 88 years have meant to them.  So, I think of my measly 20 years and can only say, Happy Birthday Pete.  Thanks for teaching me to carry it on.


    The Announcments

    Well, I have told you at length about the new CD


    We are looking for dates for the summer

    We plan to go in May from DC through Missouri to Texas for The Kerrville Folk Festival! YES You heard me right, The Kerrville Folk Festival

    Then point SW to the West coast, and on towards the Oregon Country Fair and back up to Vancouver — then WE HOPE to come to festivals on the East coast.


    We will be in New Orleans doing some volunteer work and participating in David's Krewe of WooHoo!  Please come down to the greatest city in America for The Biggest Party in America — join the Krewe — just reply to this news letter and we will tell ya how.


    T.H.A.N.K. .Y.O.U.

    Karen Kilroy, Anne Feeney, The New Orleans Saints (thanks for the great season — NEXT YEAR!) the Krew of WooHoo!, Tom Creviston, Diane Hayes, David Rugger, Zak, Clint Harding, "Veronica," Alicia, Gaberial, Wiktor, Agnesizka, Tim & Bad Folk, Brett Underwood, Carolyn, Frank Chandler, Chuck and Joanne Narrad, Manuela, Marsea, Peter, Dan, Rick, Marc of Dr Atomics Medicine Show, Sophia,  Harry and Becky Blaisure, Dr Doug, Oceana, Paul Trebech, Jay Iriwn, Carin Simmons, Jules, John, Glenna Goodness, Shayne, Radar, Pedestrian Productions, The Liana Dueck Kennedy, Chris Kennedy, Baby Francis, Beth Cubbage, The Joey Only Band, Patsy, Samantha Parton, Eric Chase, Harry "Red Wine" Levine, Faddah Wolf, KBOO, Danniel Flessis, Robyn Shanti, Adam and Kris, Daisey, Harmony, Laura, Brian QTN, Susan George, Peter Wilde, Tom, Drew, Diane, Cassandra, Jeff, Donna One-Rain-Rider, Janet and Ken Bates, Little Thom and Christine, Thom Payne, Steve Baker, Mikahl, Elanor Mc Donald and Paul Kam, Louise!

    , Natina, Mac, Danny, BR, Darryl Cherney, KMUD, Kate, Kim, The KMUD Volunteers, Mark the EARTH FIRST! Mechanic, Judith Barnet, Jerry, Jesica, Tim Mason, Shannon Flattery, K8Mae Starshine,  Hali Hammer, Randy, Tim, Dave Lippman, Sleepy John, KPIG, Tom Miller, Lake, Bob Reid, Lake, Tim and Robin, Joanne, Red Cloud, Eileen, Stephanie, Bruce, The Andersons, Cleopachie, Cathrine and Joel Robbins.

    Thursday, February 1st, 2007, 8:30pm

    Ft. Worth, TX

    Club 1919 Hemphill

    1919 Hemphill


    Friday, February 2nd, 2007

    Flower Mound, TX

    Home of John and Regina Fierke

    3025 Yale Dr.


    Saturday, February 3rd, 2007, 8 PM


    Dan Electro's Guitar Bar

    1031 E 24th


    Tuesday, February 6th, 2007

    Austin, TX

    House Concert at The Old Brown House

    (The Home of Maverick, Harmony, Anneke and Cara)

    400 W Alpine Rd

    512 587 7709

    Thursday February 8th — 20th

    New Orleans, LA

    Volunteering in the 9th Ward and By-Water

    Friday, February 9th, 2007

    David Roe and the Orchestra

    Deadwood, SD

    Deadwood Mardi Gras


    Saturday, February 10th, 2007

    David Roe and the Orchestra


    Deadwood Mardi Gras


    Sunday, February 11th, 2007, 8:00

    New Orleans, LA

    Fair Grinds

    3133 Ponce de Leon

    Wednesday, February 14th, 2007, 8 pm

    Baton Rouge, LA

    Brew Ha Ha

    225.923.1923 711

    Jefferson Hwy. Ste. 2-A

    Tuesday, February 20th, 2007

    New Orleans, LA

    Mardi Gras

    >From the Bywater to the Quarters

    Wednesday, February 21st, 2007, Feb 21-25

    Memphis , TN

    Folk Alliance

    Thursday, February 22nd, 2007, 3 PM

    Memphis, TN

    Folk Alliance Showcase

    Music Floor # 1826

    Thursday, February 22nd, 2007,  6 PM

    Memphis, TN

    Folk Alliance

    Pete Seeger's 88th Birthday Party

    Thursday, February 22nd, 2007, 10:00pm

    Memphis, TN

    Folk Alliance Showcase

    St Louis Room

    Friday, February 23rd, 2007, 11:45

    Memphis, TN

    Folk Alliance

    Pyramid Room- Room 182

    hosting the Local 1000 Songs of War & Peace

    Saturday, February 24th, 2007, Midnight

    Memphis, TN

    Folk Alliance Showcase

    Sunday, February 25th, 2007

    Memphis, TN

    Venue TBA

    Benefit for Mid South Peace and Justice Center

    With Si Kahn

    Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

    Nashville, TN

    Steve Goodie House Concert

    239 Antioch Pike

    (615) 834-4426

    Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

    Gainesville, FL

    Thomas Center

    With Dave Lippman and George Shrub

    Americas only known Singing CIA Agent

    302 NE 6th Ave

    352 378-5655

    Thursday, March 1st, 2007, 6:30PM

    Pensacola, FL

    The Commerce Museum

    WUWF Radio Live

    Zaragosa and Tarragona Streets

    ANY ONE in Atlanta or Macon or Ashville want to Host a show!

    Maybe even a house concert?

    With us and Dave Lippman

    WOW what a show that would be!

    Saturday, March 3rd, 2007

    Chapel Hill, NC

    Skylight Exchange

    Americas only known Singing CIA Agent

    405 1/2 W Rosemary Street

    Saturday, March 10th, 2007, 8:30PM

    Greenbelt, MD

    New Deal

    113 Centerway





    Wednesday, May 30th, 2007, 7-9 PM

    Kerrville , TX

    Kerrville Folk Festival

    updated: 15 years ago