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  • Muse and Whirled Retort Archives 2004

    The Muse and Whirled Retort June 2004

    The Muse and Whirled Retort June 2004

    Owl Morrison at the Kerrville Folk Festival

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    T h e  M u s e  a n d  W h i r l e d  R e t o r t June 2004

    Kerrville, TX

    June 01, 2004

    Volume 5 issue 9

    By Chris Chandler

    Hey Everybody-- It's that time of the month again... Actually, it's that time of the year again... It's Kerrville, where the festival rises like Brigadoon from the parched live oaks of the Hill Country, fueled by the joyous anarchy of the staff volunteers. If you've never seen this volunteer crew, you should.

    Not your typical assortment of middle aged folkies with flowered skirts and masters' degrees.  People come to this festival from all walks of life... astronauts (really), accountants, gypsies, gardeners (*all*  cash crops), bottom feeders, wanderers, asphalt nomads, troubadours, electricians, carpenters, CEOs and DUIs show up in time for work weekends and then Land Rush (now the kinder, gentler 'settlement weekend' under the tenure of the talented Dalis Allen) ... digging ditches, wiring, trimming, plumbing, pruning and most important, pouring beer...

    Oh, the music is good too.

    By the eighteenth day -- we're all coated in kalichi dust, dining at the staff kitchen on donated food, nursing various stages of romance, sunburn and dehydration, refreshed, renewed and filled with dreams.  About the only way to distinguish rich from poor is by the dental plan.

    In this moment, (I am not making this up) we are in the Butt Holdsworth Library. (this is a very difficult location to seek directions to by yelling out the car window ... by the time we've finished calling 'do you know where the Butt Hold??..' they've already turned their backs)

    We are taking a well needed rest ... life on the Quiet Valley Ranch makes the immense problems of the world seem distant. Anne and I are enjoying the company of the many dear friends we have made at this

    festival over the years, and enjoying each others' talents as we recharge ourselves for the final lap of the "Anybody But Bush" tour.  This will be a short newsletter.  We are looking forward to retiring this Bush-bashing repertoire on November 3rd when W begins packing for Crawford.

    We hate to return him to this Lone Star State that we have come to love so much, but hey, you elected him the first time, so I guess you have to keep him.  In order to get rid of him it's going to take every one of us... we could really use all the help you can muster for this tour... please send all your friends and relations to our shows - especailly that republican uncle.